The power that was Polaroid

Posted on 14th August 2017 By Ellie Popham

It would seem that in an era of advancing technology, Fujifilm have taken us back in time and brought back to life our love for instant prints.


Last Christmas, I received this (rather cute looking) Instax Mini 70. I had been after one, since a good friend of mine had introduced me to it last summer. I was completely sold when I saw that first little print reveal itself and then develop into such a fantastic image. I had to have one!


The Instax’ first holiday was to Rome in June. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try this puppy out and see what it can really do!


I’m not a frequent ‘selfie’ taker, but we (Myself and my boyfriend Mike) couldn’t get enough of the ‘selfie mode’. I had read online that in previous generations of instant cameras, when the image develops, the background comes out black. The mini 70 didn’t fault here, which was great when we had such a beautiful backdrop to so many of our selfies! There is even a nifty little mirror on the front of the camera to make sure you get everything in frame.


I was quite impressed with the quality of the images that it produced (They should be when it’s near enough 75p a Polaroid!). I have some really great shots of the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain in all their glory. I only have a couple of gripes with my little Instax. No. 1 no zoom… A zoom would have been really handy when I was trying to get those architecture shots. But, I guess having no zoom adds to the simplicity of the Instax – point and shoot! No. 2 you can’t turn off the Flash, it is set to Auto as a default. So make sure that the sun is behind you when taking pictures of the Pantheon!


I have mentioned earlier that it’s quite expensive to fund your instant film habit. I found myself being quite picky on what I take a picture of! You can usually buy the films in packs of two (20 shots) at around £16. The Camera itself is very reasonable priced, I think, at £95.


If you’re on the fence about purchasing an Instax Mini, I would most definitely recommend it. They are great fun, easy to use and you can’t beat that feeling when your image has finished developing. The thing you have to remember with the Instax is that, it’s not an SLR. It is just a bit of fun and the results look great stuck on your fridge!


Scroll down to view some images of my Roman Holiday – seen through the eyes of Instax Mini 70…