Captivated by light

Posted on 17th October 2017 By Kinga Lubowiecka

Scandinavia may have a reputation for its dark and damp winters, yet, the light that does shine, never ceases to amaze. Last year I decided to take a trip to southern Norway – yes, in November – and it was probably one of the best photographic journeys I’ve been on.

Norway is a land of mountains and fjords, which provides any photographer with an interesting subject for documentation. What is more, the variety of lighting conditions only adds to its creative potential.

One of my favorite photographs taken on the trip depicts a grouping of traditional wooden houses, shot against a white sky. I took the photo on a wet, overcast day.  The soft lighting created the ideal reflection of the buildings in a car park puddle! In order to achieve the split frame shot, I had to take the photo from a very low angle.

The Canon 5D Mark iii, and 1.8 mm lens were ideal companions for such a trip. The raw image quality allowed me to capture photos that would certainly be poster worthy. Shooting at F1.8 also created a nostalgic feel to my images, which compliments the image subject.

 Perhaps it’s time to book those Bergen flights again…