Posted on 7th August 2016 By David Fisher

Here is the second in my two part series on photographs of Oxford (refer to last month’s post on 50 horizontal photographs of Oxford).

I separated the two posts in this way (horizontal and vertical) because orientation is often a critical factor for designers in deciding an image. Whilst horizontal images will tend to work well on websites, these vertical ones would be ideal as cover images on printed brochures.

I find it very helpful to know in advance from a client, what orientation they require an image in, before I’ve commenced shooting, as this will effect the way I see and create potential images. The same applies to whether or not an image will be used in colour or black & white. For example, if a client told me that they need a vertical image of Oxford to be used in black & white on a cover, the effect on they way I see would be as though I was wearing a pair of vertical monochrome glasses and I’d become virtually blind to any images which did not fit this framework.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these images, please contact us.